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Doppler Labs Dubs Acoustic Filters Advanced Tech Earplugs


Reusable advanced tech earplugs use dynamic attenuation to reduce the overall volume while preserving sound fidelity
Proprietary design works to provide more protection in the critical midrange frequencies, where sensitivity and risk of damage is highest
The DUBS utilize a minimalist form factor and sleek design that fits flush to the ear

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DUBS Acoustic Filters. Hearing protection made better. Reduce volume in loud environments without sacrificing clarity of sound Perfect for use during travel, work, concerts, sporting events, and more Pre-tuned to filter out specific frequencies 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) helps to protect your ears Built using premium materials for long-lasting durability Includes a convenient portable case so you can take your DUBS anywhere Designed to fit most adults ages 16 and up Advanced filters–for when life gets too loud. DUBS Acoustic FiltersTM use Dynamic Attenuation, an intricate mechanical process that filters sound. While traditional earplugs distort and muffle, DUBS engineers developed a proprietary combination of high- and low-pass filters that allow DUBS to reduce volume while preserving the proper balance and clarity of the audio you hear. Instead of blocking all noise, these advanced earplugs are pre-tuned to target specific frequencies, allowing you to hear the world the way it was meant to be heard. Built to last. Designed to be worn. DUBS are constructed using premium materials–including high-strength plastics, stainless steel, polymer foams and silicones–to create a durable product that can be worn over and over, every day. Unlike awkward foam earplugs, the unique form factor of DUBS Acoustic Filters allows them to be worn comfortably and to sit flush against your ear. They’re also reusable, and come with a convenient portable case that you can carry around anywhere you go. Hear the world better–order your DUBS Acoustic Filters from Brookstone today!

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