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How Does A Biometric Gun Safe Actually Work?


multivault biometric gun safe
Biometric is a term that describes physical or behavioral characteristics that are used to identify a person. Biometric identification technology is rising to fame day after day. It is being used in a range of devices from smartphones to fingerprint gun control because of the added security it provides.

This technology has been used in biometric gun safes to limit access to the use of a gun by unauthorized persons. This technology majors on the fact that biometric information, unlike personal information, cannot be copied, recreated or stolen.

This technology can accurately identify humans, given that every single person has unique physical features like fingerprints. The uniqueness of your body signature has seen this type of technology rise to popularity and improve access security measures.

To use a fingerprint identification with a gun safe, you first store your unique fingerprint pattern into a computer’s memory. This is done during the initial scan that makes that particular gun safe identifiable with you. The pattern of lines and ridges on your finger are programmed into the computer system and then encrypted and saved as an encrypted biometric key.

The key is not actually an image of your finger pattern, but a series of binary numbers (code) that match the pattern that you scanned and stored in the computer’s memory. This code is the one that gets verified when there is a need for access to use the gun. In this way, there is no way to duplicate or even convert your fingerprints into an image because the computer only recognizes the unique and exact number series that corresponds to your distinctive fingerprint.

When there is a need to use your gun, the fingerprint gun safe is able to compare the code from the present fingerprint to the code that is stored in its memory. If both codes are matching, then the system unlocks the safe.

Otherwise, if the fingerprint pattern that has been used does not generate a match code to the one that is stored in memory, there is no way to access the gun safe. Some of the gun safes use an alarm in case of a mismatch and the safe may now lock itself down in such a manner that another means will be used to unlock it.


box shape biometric gun

Different Shapes Sizes, and Gun Capacity of Biometric Gun Safes?

Gun safes come in different sizes and shapes. From small boxes for storing hand guns to walk-in vaults meant to be virtual armories. The have different capacities, offer protection against different types of risks, and offer differing levels of protection.

The most common shapes of safes are box-like. The box shapes form flat surfaces in the safe inside for stable placement of the guns and additionally makes the safe easy to open just like a cabinet. Safes meant to accommodate a single handgun mostly take a shape that is agreeable to the size and shape of that gun, therefore, it is customized in shape to fit a particular type of handgun.

In terms of sizes, the thickness of the safe material comes into the picture. The way the guns are accommodated inside the safe also dictate the size of the safe. Otherwise, the safe size is majorly about the gun capacity. Safes that store only one handgun are quite small.

The safes for big guns will be cabinet or case sized. This depends on the size and the characteristic of the gun that is meant to be stored. If the gun will be dissembled before storage then the safe can be as small as the longest part of the stored gun.

If on the other hand, the safe is intended to store rifles in full sizes, then the safe will be cabinet sized or even bigger if it is intended for a higher capacity. The classes may be termed as small size, mini size, medium size or large size, compact or super-size safes. This caters for a shoebox to medium-sized to 38-inch standing models.

The capacity of safes is majorly a matter of the company making a safe that will accommodate the number of guns you have and those you may have in future. Biometric gun safes have been made personalized for a single gun and have also been manufactured for multiple guns storage.

The fact that biometrics are used for control only means that the mechanism for opening the safe is changed to a more digital form. This does not limit the capacity for gun storage in any way. You can have your rifle super gun safes or vaults that use fingerprint access and you can still have your swift access single gun safe using biometric access.


fingerprint biometric gun safe

Major Benefits of a Biometric Gun Safe vs. Standard Gun Safes.
One of the main benefits of using biometrics over the standard safes is the speed with which one can be able to access a weapon in case a need arises. Manually entering a code is provided in some gun safes but the best safes can detect your biometrics in a very short time period. Thereore, you don’t have to remember the code or combination to the gun safe because your own body is the key.

The biometric safes can store more than one fingerprint in the inbuilt memory, therefore you can give access to more than a single person at once. This means the whole family can be incorporated and that the first person who gets the opportunity to open the safe can use the gun conveniently. There is no point of one having forgotten the code or a single family member having to make a call to ask for the safe code which may take time.

This method is more precise in its design. There can be no hacking guesses because its working principle is very clear; either you have the authorization through your fingerprints for you to enter or you don’t. There is no such a thing as fooling a biometric system with unknown fingerprints.

There may be some shortcomings in the technology since it is new in the market but its benefits outweigh the use of the standard safe. Most of the biometric gun safes that hold more than one gun are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

If you own a standard gun safe, then the replacement for your old safe is the biometric option. Gun technology may evolve but this kind of technology is assured to be here for quite some time in the future. If you are choosing the value for money, durability, quick access, safety, and quality, then this type of gun safe will serve that purpose.

Unlike the old locking ways of entering codes to open a safe, there is no way to forget a fingerprint because you do not have to memorize it. It remains there as part of your body and therefore being able to access your guns is made easy and most of all fast and convenient. This system does away with passcodes, combination locks, and keys by making use of your body signature.

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