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Top 9mm Handguns With The Lowest Jam Rate!

The 9 mm handgun is the most popular and  highly used caliber pistol across the world, whether for military, personal, or law enforcement use. The 9 mm handgun has seen several developments in the past and after various amendments and many changes it is still considered to be one of the most efficient handguns available.

It is great for tactical purposes, sport shooting or self-defense. Most of the 9 mm handguns are easy to maintain, easy to conceal, and easy to use.

Before we go further it is important we mention nobody should use any sort of firearm unless it’s for self-defense or sport, but if you have to, then the 9 mm handgun is one of the best to have. But with all semi-automatic weapons,“jamming” is a an issue of course.

This may be caused by weakened springs, dirt, defective ammo, old ammo etc., as it still remains a concern for many 9mm gun owners. Below is a list of the top brands of 9 mm handguns with the
lowest jam rate.

CZ 75 SP-01 9mm handgun


CZ 75 SP-01

The CZ 75 SP-01 is a handgun that is integrated with CZ’s black poly coat finish which is corrosion resistant. It has rubber grip panels and a 1913 accessory rail on the dust cover. The CZ 75 SP-01 utilizes beavertail which is extended to protect the user’s hands, this allows for a more secure and deeper grip while shooting.

The new grip geometry targets the front and back straps key areas during use, redistributing the mass provided by long rail accessory, this allows more rapid transition and acquisition to the target. The CZ 75 SP-01 has taken the shooting world by storm time and time again and currently there is no 9 mm handgun which can match it.

EAA Witness Elite Match 9mm handgun


EAA Witness Elite Match

The EAA Witness Elite Match 9mm is famous when it comes to accuracy as well as low jamming rate. The action of cocking the gun and pulling the trigger rates as beyond expectation. The EAA Witness Elite Match is a high quality single action 9 mm handgun with merely a thumb safety. The gun has a very good SA trigger and is easily carried while cocked. The price is also pocket friendly.

The Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm handgun

The Glock 17 Gen 4

Glock” – a name that is well known and loved by gun owners across the world. Indeed, the company is one of the most popular gun manufacturers and a lot of users highly regard their Glock firearms as the best.

The Glock 17 Gen 4 has gained popularity quicker than any other generation of 9mm handguns. This gun has a comfortable grip, great texturing, easy to hide, hold and shoot while maintaining a low jam rate.In an attempt to manufacture the best 9 mm handgun, Glock came up with Glock 17 with a solid polymer frame. The pistol is quite durable and is also lightweight weighing about 25.06 ounces.

Springfield XDm 4.5 9mm handgun


Springfield XDm 4.5

The XDm 4.5 9 mm has the perfect combination of a 4.5” barrel rail with a full size frame. The handgun has different features which includes mega-lock texturing which will keep it secure in your grip. Three interchangeable back straps ensure the handgun fits perfectly in your hand and dovetail sights that align with ease making it easier to reset the trigger.

When you send a round downrange, the barrel which is match grade, directs it with industry designed leading precision. This 9mm has also a de-cocking lever which is incorporated on the side of the handgun. It is highly rated and preferred by gun lovers in the 9mm caliber world because of it’s low jamming rate.


Taurus PT 92 9mm handgun

Taurus PT 92

The Taurus PT 92 9 mm pistol is double action which makes the auto loading design possible. The design of this handgun starts with an incredible hammer forged steel slide which is specifically designed from an ordnance grade alloy frame that does not crack easily.

The long frame of this gun also features a three position frame serving a double action de-cocking lever and a mounted ambidextrous safety which makes it possible for the gun to be carried while cooked and locked. The gun has checkered rubber grips for good and sure handling. It has a pica-tinny built-in accessory rail. The PT-92 9mm pistol also features a locking Taurus security system and a loaded chamber indicator.


The Beretta 92FS 9mm Handgun

The Beretta 92FS

There is no doubt that the Beretta 92FS is another high quality handgun and a strong contender for title of “Best 9mm Handgun With The Lowest Jamming Rate.” Like Glock and CZ-75 SP-01, this 9mm is also very popular among the law enforcement officials and military across the world. It is highly rated for its capabilities and effectiveness for long distance shooting.

It is constructed from an alloy frame and it weighs about 33.3 ounces making it a preferable choice because it is so portable. The gun as mentioned earlier is noted for its accuracy especially for long distances. It is the kind of a pistol that is built the way 9mm’s are supposed to be; made with all metal parts and no plastic.

FN Herstal FNX-9 9mm handgun

FN Herstal FNX-9

The FN Herstal FNX-9 handgun is lightweight and remains noted because of it’s low jamming rate, and anyone who is a gun lover will be happy because it has all the features in place. The frame of this handgun is made up of a rugged polymer, while it’s control is improved and recoil reduced by the low frame’s bore axis. The 4-inch barrel made from hammer forged stainless steel makes every shot  pinpoint and accurate.


The Heckler and Koch VP9 9mm handgun

The Heckler and Koch VP9

The Heckler and Koch VP9 is a 9 mm handgun which suits those who demand the utmost reliability and quality. It is ranked as one of the best 9mm pistols on the market due to its construction and design as well as low jamming rate.
The Heckler and Koch VP9 construction is what gives it the legendary durability and reliability. The gun weighs about 25.6 ounces with a polymer frame that features a 15 round magazine capacity.


Walther P99 AS 9mm handgun


Walther P99 AS

The Walther P99 9 mm pistol has an awesome grip and makes you look and feel like the gun simply belongs in your hand. The name AS means “anti-stress” suggesting that it doesn’t disturb you while using and handling it. In SA mode it tends to have an excellent trigger with crisp feeling which is short like that of 1911 combat handguns. It feeds ammo excellently with very few jams.

Finally, it is important to mention that not all 9 mm handguns are the same. Even though they tend to share some basic profile characteristics, the features and specific characteristics change from model to model and from one manufacturer to the other. The above mentioned 9mm handguns are highly rated for their low jamming rate as well as practicality.

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