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Some people keep hand guns in their homes for sporting activities, as collectors items, or for the sole purpose of protection for themselves and their families as thefts, murders, and crime rates have increased. The first thing in mind after acquiring a gun should be your family’s safety.

It is a shocking thing to know that so many people are killed because of accidents due to gun mis-handling or mis-use. For the purpose of security, most people keep guns fully loaded in their homes so that in the case of an emergency, they do not have to waste time loading their guns. This is a personal preference and it is an added reason to have a gun safe.

Regardless of which type of safe is chosen, it is a good idea to have it in a secure place out of the reach of little children, if there any in your home. A wall gun safe can assist with this purpose, whether fully loaded or empty, it can help to provide the best remedy for the aforementioned emergencies.
Having a wall gun safe can certainly help to put any gun owner at ease.

It has been said that homeowners are less likely to be robbed than renters, but it is equally important for both to own a safe. All of the safes have valuables that differ in given magnitudes, and there are many top notched, low-priced wall safes online.

Regardless of whether you need to safeguard family heirlooms, personal items which can include passports and birth certificates, or firearms, there are a lot of possibilities and options. In these times it is actualy important to own a gun safe simply for protection, safety, and responsibility.

Having a wall gun safe can be a more liberal option for home security when compared to the typical in-home safe. There are different types of home security safes available.


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Easily Hidden

Wall gun safes, in particular are commonly used by small business establishments. They are designed to be easily hidden beneath the bookcases, behind mirrors or paintings, and picture frames.

With such an “inconspicuous profile“, a wall safe will give an intruder a hard time of finding where the safe is placed and cracking it open.
A wall gun safe is a nice option for those people who want to hide guns of any kind from any thief. These safes can be set-up quite easily in homes or offices, and they can be set-up by the consumer in the actual wall.

These safes come in a wide variety of depths, so make sure that your wall space can easily hold the model you select. They also, because of their inconspicuous placement, can offer more security for your guns, money, jewelry or important documents in the house.

A wall gun safe is generally made of substantial heavy duty steel that is connected to the wall between studs. It can be effectively covered up in a wardrobe or behind something on the wall. For some models, a unique code is necessary to get inside. Just you will know this code and the location area of the safe.

All gun owners should be responsible and own gun safes. In some states, gun owners can be held legally responsible if an unauthorized user has an accident with their gun. Plenty of gun owners have children, and inexperienced gun users around their households, and owning a gun safe can give them reassurance.

There are a lot of categories for wall gun safes. There are compact safes for handguns, and large tall ones for shotguns and rifles. The positive aspect of gun safes too is that they can be concealed, or exhibited.


wall gun safe behind hinged painting


Having a wall gun safe can prove helpful over other safes in the following ways.

1. Easy to conceal.
Unlike large floor safes that scream, “I am here” and “Guess what is hidden inside?”,  a wall safe can be hidden behind numerous items. Things such as a picture, mirror, bookshelf, or painting.

2. Security.
Being concealed, a wall safe has a clear, obvious security importance over other safes. People simply don’t know where it is without spending time looking for it. These safes can also be bolted to the wall, so it cannot easily be removed without accessing the bolts, and the bolts are hard to get at because the external flange gets in the way.

Often, a thief is likely to be able to grab a small safe and go. In doing so they can take their time opening the safe later. But with wall gun safes this is very difficult, they must take the time to open on the premises, and a lot of time is something most thieves just don’t have.

3. Easy to Install.
Though it may seem a bit intimidating, and obviously is easier to install when a house is being built, installing wall safes into an existing home is simple. Most are designed to fit between two wall studs and come with a template. Just mark the wall according to the template, cut, and install. Because of the external flange that rests on the outside of the wall, no finishing work is needed.



4. Space saving.
Lets face it, though manufactures try to make large floor safes more attractive, it is a large steel box that takes up a lot of space. Being able to hide a safe in the wall saves a lot of space.

5. Easy to access.
No bending over to open the combination, you can install the safe at any level that suits you best. Having a safe at eye level is simply easier to use.

6. Hidden from children.
A safe is a curiosity item for children. They wonder what is inside; they like to mess with the lock and play with the combination, and perhaps even talk with friends about the safe and what they have seen in it. Having a hidden safe removes a lot of these problems.

One safe that is gaining popularity is the corner wall safe. Corner wall safes are designed to fit into ninety-degree angles and are great for saving space. They are just as strong as any regular safe. The only difference is the shape.

For those who believe that Wall Gun Safes can easily be located, underfloor safes can serve their needs. Underfloor safes are the more robust version of the wall safe; they may be installed in an already constructed house, given that the strength of the flooring can support the weight of the safe. Just like in wall safes, they incorporate combination locks that will deter would-be thieves.

Home burglaries and invasions have increased drastically. Homeowners, company owners, and gun owners should not take anything for granted, and they must secure their belongings. In today’s world, you’ll find a huge selection of top quality choices on any budget.


wall gun safe behind remote painting



Numerous wall safes have the option of a keypad as well as a regular keys. Some of the safes have at least 30-minute fire protection and can handle temperatures up to 1400 degrees. You know that your valuables are safe during the worst conditions.

Also, many fire safes are preloaded with velvet-lined interiors and shelves, to keep your valuables from scratching. The very last thing you’ll need is your grandfather’s watch getting dinged when you wish to secure it.

One option in the wall gun safe market is what is known as biometric and fingerprint safes. Biometric wall safes are gaining interest due to the advancement in engineering and technology. Can you imagine trying to open your safe but not being able to find the key or recall the combination?

If you owned a biometric wall safe, this would never happen. Just by putting your finger along the scanner, the safe opens. You can rest easy knowing that just your unique fingerprint has a chance to access your safe.

If any of these advantages of wall gun safes appeal to you, then it may be the perfect option for your home. And remember, if you have a couple of long guns, you can also get closet wall safes.

The first thing you have to do before starting to use your wall gun safe is; start out by looking for a wall location that is free from any wires and piping. This helps to ascertain the thickness of the wall.

Always consider a partition protected that would be three and a half inch deeper and build between two 2 and 4 studs spaced 16″ on center. The partition should be prepared well. Moreover, the partition should be strong enough to carry the safes.
Gun wall safes normally are accompanied with a coordinated rib and an integrated flange to make the appearance after installation clean and tight.

Thus, once you have taken care of all the slack jolts and you have tightened up all the lag bolts, you just operate the door a few times to make sure things are square and that there is no coupling going on. On the chance that your unit has shelves, you can introduce them.


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