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The Wood Gun Cabinet : Beauty And Practicality!

One of the best ways for collectors to showcase their firearm collection is through the use of a wood gun cabinet. The cabinet allows you to store your weapons for everyone to see and provides you the stage to show off your assortment of firearms. There are many different styles and designs that allow you to find a case that fits your preferences and unique personality.

A wood gun cabinet is an excellent way to showcase your firearms for all to see. The cabinet provides a showcase in which you can really highlight your collection. For many collectors, the real beauty of their gun ownership is not what the firearm can do, but the history behind it.

Correspondingly, the best way to show off an antique weapon is through a display case. For many older guns that are unlikely to ever be used as a weapon again, it does no good to lock them in a safe or other enclosed location. A properly designed gun cabinet can properly showcase the item.



Wood Gun Cabinet Types wooden gun cabinet - american-furniture-classics-611-10-gun-curio-slider-cabinet-combination

Gun cabinets come in many different varieties. The most common type that you will find online is a crafted wooden gun case. The wood is typically made of oak or pine and is designed to have a unique feel and style. You can find just about any style that you are looking for and can customize the look of the display case to the interior design of the room.

One of the unique features found on many of cabinets is etched or stylized glass work. For hunters, you may find an etched deer or other big game animal etched into the glass. Alternatively, these designs may be applied through a special veneer secured to the front glass or through other types of glass vinyl.

Though gun cabinets are primarily used for showcasing firearms, there are some specialized types that allow you a bit more protection. A hidden gun cabinet is designed to provide hidden access to the gun storage, and yet maintain the appearance of something entirely different.

Having a gun collection can be both scary and amazingly fun as a hobby. It is fun to have as a hobby because knowing that you are well-protected by something that you just collect for fun is something not everyone has, since collecting toy boats cannot keep you safe like a gun collection would.

However, it is at the same time scary because unknowingly, you are putting your kids’ lives in peril by having several guns in the house that they can accidentally use as toys. Worry not, though, because the greatest solution to this major concern is simply to get a gun cabinet.

But getting just any gun cabinet will simply not do since you will want your cabinet to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as safe for you to display in the house without the kids touching your guns. And in this case, getting a wood gun cabinet will probably be your best bet.

Getting metal-framed cabinets or etched glass cabinets may be more stylish and more modern than getting wood gun cabinets. But for that same reason, you should get wooden cabinets for your guns because aesthetically, wood really compliments guns.

Wood Has A Longer Lifespan

So in terms of lifespan, wood really outmatches metal, glass or plastic. Metal rusts when exposed to the harsh weather, glass breaks and is excruciatingly expensive to replace, and plastic is just not right for a gun cabinet. The only enemy you have against wood is termites, but that can be easily fixed by curing the wood with an anti-termite solution.

Going back to aesthetics, wood cabinets are definitely the top choice for getting one will compliment your log cabin, or if you plan to use it as storage for your home it will have a nostalgic appeal that represents your enthusiasm for hunting. Also, it can be deemed as more classical than those modern designs with the material used from metal or glass, and in true classical nature, they will never burn out.

walnut wood gun cabinet


Wood Gun Cabinet Safety

Safety is also an issue that you might have especially when you have kids around. Given that it is a cabinet, it will surely have a ready-made lock and key mechanism. But if you decide to put a different locking system that will suit your taste and safety conditions, the material is pliable enough for you to customize on your own, where you can put as many locks as you want it to have.


The wood gun cabinet is a must-have for hunting and firearms enthusiasts, especially since most of them like showing off their collection. Wood gun cabinets, more often than not, is their preferred storage space for the assortment of weapons they have accumulated over the years over the steel cabinets and safes because these are more pleasing to the eye, especially with their stained wood finish.

The primary thing you have to ensure when choosing a wood gun cabinet is safety. Remember that owning guns entails responsibility. No matter how attractive the shelves are, if these do not have or cannot be installed with safety locks; do not opt to buy it, especially if you have children with you at home.

Even if you do not have kids, there’s still the very real possibility of having someone breaking and entering your house and stealing a few items from your collection. There are some that have built-in biometrics scanning to limit the people who can have the capabilities to access the firearms, but the locks of your cabinet do not need to be super fancy, just sturdy and secure enough to be able to keep other people from getting to your weapons.

Next, make sure that the wood gun cabinet you’re considering is large enough to house your collection, with room to spare for any additional pieces. If you’re a serious collector, chances are, you’ll pick up your share of firearms over the years, so don’t pick a gun cabinet that stores exactly the number of weapons you have. Furthermore, you also have to be sure that the size also supports the length of your guns. For example, hunting rifles would need taller gun cabinets compared to handguns.

One can have a custom cabinet fashioned not only by choosing the kind of wood, the color, and the stain but even alter the specifications, the size, and dimensions of the piece. This is because this is not your run of the mill assembly line furniture, this is handcrafted furniture made the old fashioned way and by using the age old techniques so that each piece is one of a kind rather than the soulless mass-produced furniture that we normally see.

To be sure, gun cabinets may not be for everyone; not all of us have a keen interest in weaponry and arms and ammunition. Even fewer of us will have enough in the way of guns to actually require a display cabinet. However Amish gun cabinets are very versatile; they can be used as a display area for a number of other things: curios, precious family heirlooms or photos, valuable crockery etc. they can even be used as an entertainment center or a hutch, so versatile are they.


willow wood gun cabinet


Wood Gun Cabinet Assembly

It’s also possible to build a wood gun cabinet by yourself. There are some kits available with all the parts needed to form the shelf already, but it is also possible to build one from scratch. Carpentry books can be readily bought if you have no inkling about how to do it. If you already have some skill with woodworking but worried about how the cabinet would look like, there are also blueprints that can be downloaded online that indicate the measurements and styles. Carpenters who can make the gun cabinet according to your specific needs and specifications can also be hired to make your cabinet.

Whichever of these options you end up choosing to make sure that the style and function are well-balanced. Guns require a lot of looking after, so be responsible for owning these.

Gun cabinets have been in use for centuries and they are often beautiful pieces of art themselves with their fine stained wood and etched glass fronts. They were, of course, primarily needed for storage but in time they were being used to also display firearms. This is due to the fact that gun owners love to showcase their collections and it is best done through a gun cabinet where they can display their collection for all to see.

But apart from the display role that these cabinets play, it should also be remembered that they are important storage facilities for guns. They should be strong and secure to ensure that unaware children or playful and boisterous pets are not able to access the arms. These arms storage furniture are also used to display antique firearms. In this case, it is even more important for them to be secure to ensure the safety of this antique item as very often they can be very delicate.

These cabinets are found in a wide variety of styles. Very often you will tend to find a crafted wooden gun case if you look online. These are the most common types. They are usually made of oak or pine. And they are often made by expert craftsmen who give it a unique feel and style. But you can find many other types and styles to suit your need and you can even tailor the look and feel of the display case to match the interior design of the room it is being displayed in.

Etched or stylized glass work is a unique addition to gun cabinets that can be customized to your liking. For instance, hunters very often have deer or other big game animals etched onto the glass. You can have any design etched onto the glass depending on your requirements and your liking. These designs can also be applied via a special type of veneer which is added to the front glass or even through other types of glass vinyl.

Even though gun cabinets are conventionally made from wood such as oak, pine, cherry and other strong woods, they are also available in steel. While the wood cabinets have beautiful lacquer finishes with beveled glass displays, felt lined resting plates and wood veneers, steel cabinets are designed more for function rather than for their aesthetic appeal.

The gun cabinets that I have found are excellent additions to our home. I like to collect old rifles and I tend to have an affinity for those that are still in working order. Of course, with all their style I have always had my eye on the safety of the children. The last thing I want is an accident. Of course, I take special precautions. I lock up the ammunition. I do not lock them in the wooden gun cabinets. I take them to a different room and I have a locked safe that I keep the ammunition. My guns are never stored loaded.

When I started looking at wood gun cabinets I thought that finding one with a security lock was going to be impossible. But the gun cabinets I found were really on target when it comes to enhancing the style and making it as safe as possible. The look inside the home is really fantastic and the guns are displayed in a way that helps visitors and guests to understand what it is I like so much about them

No matter for what purpose you decide to use a gun cabinet, whether for safety, aesthetics or storage, gun cabinets are the “perfect answer” to your question. They are very customizable and can also be bought on the internet from the comfort of your own home. So go ahead and invest in these beautiful and important additions to your home, not only for their beauty but also to safeguard yourself, your family and your guns.

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