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gun-smooth-hand-gunAfter much thought, you’ve decided to buy a weapon for home defense. Think about your lifestyle, and, based on that, decide what type of weapon will best suit your needs. A gun or a rifle will be the best choice, but you should make the final decision based on your knowledge of weapons, the house plan and how much space you have available. After you get all the necessary permits from the authorized institutions, you finally get yourself a gun. Most intelligent individuals will follow this step by now deciding on the storage and safety of this newly acquired weapon through the means of a gun safe. Which gun safe should you choose? Why have a hidden gun safe instead of an exposed gun safe?

One of the most challenging problems, that potential buyers face, is a problem of storing the weapon.

First and foremost, the rule is that the gun should be kept in a place that only you know about. It is necessary to develop a system so that the weapon is ready and available for use or, in such a way, that it will not become a threat to the family or children playing around the house. You must always keep in mind the seriousness of the situation.


Who Has Access To Your Weapon?

If you want to have a quick access to weapons, the first thing to determine is who can come in contact with it. If you have children, it is best to keep the gun out of range. If a child is to take the gun and use it improperly, you could be charged with a crime.The gun should be secured with a variety of locks and the best advice is to keep it in a specified gun safe. Even if you don’t have children, you need to take into account adults who could come in contact with it.

The worst idea is to keep a loaded gun beside the bed. This provides easy access for just about anyone and this is not what you want. If you have a gun that is locked in a gun safe that is located near your bed, that is an entirely different story. Having a gun under your pillow is even worse than the previous solution. The possibilty of accidental discharge is simply too great.

The safest thing to do is, of course, keep the weapon in a locked safe. If you have children in the house, these safes can offer the best combination of security and accessibility. Some will question the speed with which a gun can be accessed.

The key is to practice opening the vault just as you practice shooting your weapons. Exercise until the entering of the code becomes natural. Don’t forget to have occasional “burglary rehearsals” or “intruder rehearsals.”

Nonetheless, the side effect of these exposed safes is that they are easily noticeable. Everyone who sees the safe will know that it holds valuable items or possesions. The first thing intruders look for, when they break into a house, is a safe. Most burglary attempts are the result of an interest in money or valuables. A wide open safe is telling intruders that you have something of value locked away.

Hidden Gun Safes

Is there a solution for that? Of course, there is. It’s called a hidden gun safe. Hidden gun safes can be a much better and safer solution for storing guns and valuable items. They can be seamlessly incorporated into the floor or the wall, under the carpet or behind the paintings.

That way, you can put your weapons in an imperceptible, yet reachable and obvious place, that only you know about. When the burglars break into your house, they won’t be able to find it easily and you will have the upper hand, due to the surprise factor.

Fortunately, there is a wide array of concealed and hidden gun safe options. From hidden compartments in drop down shelves to books where the pages are intentionally cut out to accommodate a handgun, there are so many possibilities. Here is a quick look at a few:


Wall clock safe

A beautiful clock on the living room wall or a stationary clock on a shelf. These common household fixtures are great for hiding purposes. No one would suspect that you would hide a weapon in so obvious place, which makes it perfect for keeping your gun. 

Shelf concealment

This one is classic. Gun slots sre simply incorporated within a shelf but make sure it’s reachable and not easily noticeable. This method of concealment is quite easy to achieve.

Behind the mirror

Another great method is the wall behind the mirror. This is another fine inconspicuous place.

Floor safe

Floor safes are a good solution for most people. They are not expensive as standing safes and may be easily hidden inside the house, so that someone who is not informed about the place in advance, won’t be able to find it. Floor safes are more protected than other types of safes because they are almost impossible to take out and better protected against fire. A flaw of the floor safes is the installation. It can be a bit difficult and may require the assistance of professionals.


Closet safe

These hidden gun safes are usually implemented in the  closets. Their depth allows integration into most commercially available closets (wardrobes), such as wall closets. To keep the vault in place there are holes in the rear or bottom part of the safe. It’s easy to install, regardless of the place of use. Some of the built-in safes are adapted to mounting to save space.

hidden gun-safe-15-pinterest-covert-cabinet-shelf

Ease of Use and Functionality

Hidden gun safes are easy to access and install for the most part. since you can install the safe yourself. It is important that you do not select a safe that has a greater depth than the depth of the wall in which you plan to install it.

If you want to implement a hidden gun safe in your home, make sure you get the necessary internal dimensions of the safe and the required number of shelves in it. You should also take into account the external dimensions of the safe because space where you plan to place it can be limited.

To conclude, you should never forget that having a weapon in the house does not guarantee your safety. It gives you a defensive option, but it is only a tool, one that requires proper use. Therefore, be wise to store your weapon in a simple and easily reachable place and, at the same time, a place that won’t attract unneeded attention.


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