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Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe; 51 Gun Capacity

gun - Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E - 51 Gun Capacity

Are you crazy about guns and want to keep both your vintage and modern collection of guns in the best gun safe? With the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe; 51 Gun Capacity, which has the capacity to actually, literally contain up to fifty-one guns, your search for the best gun safe is over.

The purpose of this review is to acquaint you with the unique and distinguishable features and benefits of this particular brand of gun safe so that you will become convinced that it alone can provide for maximum safety and security to your treasured collection of guns.


This specific brand of gun safe comes with an unmatched list of features at a very affordable price. Here are some of the outstanding features of this high-quality gun safe. Check these out and get inspired:

Perfect size and shape

With an exterior dimension of height, weight and depth of 72 inches by 40 inches by 36 inches combined with an interior dimension of height, weight and depth of 69 inches by 36 inches by 18 inches with an overall weight of 985 lbs., this gun safe is the perfect size for maximum storage of firearms and ammunition. It’s hard to imagine that you will run out of room with this model. This is a “BIG BOY!”

Great fire rating features

The perfect fire protection features that are included in this particular brand of gun safe makes it totally safe with guaranteed protection. This gun safe can withstand up to a whole hour at one thousand four hundred degrees Fahrenheit and contains two layers of fire board in the door and three layers of fire board in the body.

Well protected locking system

The Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe; 51 Capacity is fitted with an electronic lock with a total of eighteen solid steel locking bolts for guaranteed protection. In addition to this, it has a three spoke vault handle and a four-way locking bolt system.

Excellent look and color combination

The black exterior with an automotive grade gray interior gives an almost perfect look to this gun safe.

Pros of this gun safe

· Has the capacity to contain fifty-one guns

· Provides maximum protection with its electronic locking system

· Proves maximum protection from heat

· Has a very sophisticated and sleek look with black exterior

· Is highly affordable


Cons of the gun safe

· Nothing that we could find


If you are passionate about guns , and you plan to increase your collection as time goes on, and also want to be the proud owner of both vintage and modern guns then you must order  the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe; 51 Gun Capacity. This gun safe has a wide range of useful features and is really affordable. It comes with an electronic locking system which offers it guaranteed protection. It is resistant to heat and can withstand up to an hour at thousand and forty degrees Fahrenheit .

So what are you waiting for? This gun safe has been designed to meet all your needs in the best possible way.



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