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Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E Gun Safe


Do you need a large gun storage solution that is very secure, extremely functional, and attractive? If you are like many gun owners, you absolutely need your gun safe to meet the first two requirements, but the last requirement is a bonus too. Consider some reasons why the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E, 24 Gun Safe delivers attractive features at a very reasonable price.

Are you looking for a safe that was designed with the right internal and external materials to keep your weapons safe from the weather, fire, and human threats? Do you need a solid, sturdy safe that is roomy enough to store multiple weapons securely and is also flexible enough for your needs? The Winchester Company can offer you all that for a reasonable cost.

This is not a tiny safe. It is about five feet tall. In addition it is about two feet wide and two feet deep. This should give most officers, hunters, and gun collectors plenty of room to store and even grow their weapons collection.

How Does This Safe Hold Up Against Threats?

This unit is not only big and sturdy, but also consider that this unit has been fire-rated to withstand fourteen hundred degree heat for an hour, and it is UL listed. Not much is going to melt this solid gun safe or get inside to damage your weapons.

You can also count on ten locking bolts and your choice of locking systems to keep the door shut from anybody who is not supposed to have access to your weapons.

Get A Safe That Is Big And Flexible!

This particular model can also store up to 24 guns inside. This is plenty big enough for most collectors and even gun dealers. You get a door panel organizer and convenient shelf system built in when you order.
The interior is also convertible so you can arrange it according to your unique needs. This gives you the option to change things around when you buy or sell new guns. Instead of having to purchase a new safe, you can simply adjust the storage compartment of the safe that you already have.

Keep Your Weapons In Good Shape For Longer!

You do not have to open your safe to see a mess of disorganized weapons piled up on top of each other. Each weapon should be easy to find, securely stores, and simple to access.

You can also be certain that your guns will be stored in a way that will prolong their life and reduce maintenance. This is because of the internal storage system and because of the dehumidifier access hole. Keep your valuable weapons safe from excess humidity in any temperature.

But Is This Gun Safe Safe From Burglars?

It is not likely that too many thieves are going to stop by and carry your entire five hundred and sixty pound safe away. You can also be pretty sure that it will be a challenge to open or break into. This is because of the UL listed locking mechanism, solid steel body, big steel locking bolts, and many additional security features.

This construction and attention to detail should keep out the most determine and professional thieves. It will also keep your curious kids and the neighbors away. You can protect your entire family from accidental misuse of your weapons, while keeping your guns safe from burglars who might want to steal them.

Can This Safe Protect Guns From Natural Hazards?

How did this gun safe earn its fire rating? It has three layers of fire board built into the door and two layers of additional fire board built into each side. The lock is expandable so it won’t be destroyed during most fires. Also, the same solid steel 12 gauge body that keeps your safe protected from thieves, also keeps it from melting or caving in during fires.

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