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Stack On IWC 55 Full Length In-Wall Gun Cabinet

Whether it is for security purposes or for hunting, guns have always been very close to men as their allies. All men who possess guns are usually very fond of them and would always want to take good care of them.  As good guns cost quite a lot of money these days, it is imperative that they are adequately taken care of. This is especially important in the case of rifle guns.

gun - Stack-On IWC-55 Full Length In-Wall Cabinet

Stack On IWC 55

There are various things that must be considered when taking care of the rifles. While their regular cleanliness and maintenance is very important, it is equally important to keep them in an appropriate place. A wall gun cabinet will exactly serve the purpose. Those who are in possession of rifles are also aware that wall gun cabinets are a perfect match for the rifles.

There are many products available in the market that provide rifle storing facility for homes and other places. However, the one product that is clearly far ahead from the pack is the Stack-On IWC 55. It can be said that this product gives wall gun cabinet storing a unique flavor. It is a perfect way of safeguarding your rifle in a way that they remain beyond the approach of others.

Storage Space

The size of the Stack-On IWC 55 is such that it is able to store large rifles with additional space for accessories. It also comes with a sophisticated lock system that prevents the rifle from getting into unauthorized hands. It can easily accommodate at least two rifles, depending on the size and shape. The wall gun cabinet has been approved by all the relevant authorities.

There are many advantages that give Stack-On IWC 55 edge over other such products. Since this wall gun cabinet is fixed in a wall, it will not consume any space and thus, the room will not look crowded. Another notable advantage of the Stack-On IWC 55 wall gun cabinet is that it comes at a very affordable price. This makes it within the reach of all types of rifle users.
Due to these factors, it becomes an ideal choice for rifle owners when it comes to their storing requirement. It has been observed that the users of Stack-On IWC 55 are quite satisfied customers.


The Stack-On IWC 55 wall gun cabinet is built of metal sheet with a very smooth and high-quality finishing. This model is most popular in beige or black colors but are also available in other colors. This means that anyone who wants a wall gun cabinet can get it according to the requirement. Moreover, the Stack-On IWC 55 wall gun cabinet is quite easy to install or affix and does not require much time or effort for this purpose.
The storage of a sensitive item like a rifle is always very critical and one should always take proper measures for that. There should be no compromise on the storage and if this facility comes with an elegant style and a very good looking finish, it will be icing on the cake. The Stack-On IWC 55 wall gun cabinet will provide you exactly the same. It is almost guaranteed that you will be a satisfied user of the product.

The full-length, in-divider security cupboard permits you to store guns without taking up significant floor space. This in-divider bureau can hold 2 rifles or shotguns up to 52″ tall or has 3 removable steel racks for securing assets and ammunition boxes. The weapon safe has been tried by an ensured California Department of Justice lab and is appraised as an affirmed Firearm Safety Container. This is a security in-divider cabinet; the Stack-On In-Wall Cabinet, Beige, is not fire evaluated.


Uncommon components of Stack-On In-Wall Cabinet-55 full-length in-divider:
•Tested by an affirmed California Department of Justice lab, this in-divider cabinet is appraised as an endorsed Firearm Safety Container. 3-point securing secures the entryway 3 areas – at the top and base of the entryway and a huge steel locking plate is secured behind the steel entryway outline in the inside segment of the entryway board.
•A removable top receptacle is incorporated to give included capacity while putting away guns. This firearm safe can hold 2 rifles or shotguns up to 52″ tall. Can likewise be utilized for profitable stockpiling – accompanies 3 removable steel racks.
•Gun safe incorporates a froth cushion for the base of the cabinet and for each of the racks. Pre-penetrated mounting gaps take into account simple establishment into a divider. Attaching equipment is incorporated..
•The in-divider cabinet has a grayish powder coat paint complete with metal shaded equipment.
•This is a security cabinet; this firearm safe is not fire evaluated.
•Model: IWC-55

How Shipped?

 The noticeable face of the introduced cabinet is the very same size as the crate in which it is bundled, there is nothing between the cabinet outline and the ground however thin cardboard when conveyed as a solitary individual would convey it, in a vertical position. Each time somebody conveys the 40+ pound box they will set it down on one of the corners and gradually bowing them over.

Your bundle arrives looking awesome on the outside. The cardboard box and 1 inch thick styrofoam cushioning makes a tolerable showing with regards to keeping the trustworthiness of the bureau while packaged. The bureau can be mounted topsy turvy to switch the heading of the entryway opening. Where the bureau excels is in its concealability, availability, and security from kids and would be thugs.

I suggest this cabinet, it works great, easy to introduce and can be holed up behind a mirror or bit of workmanship. You can store 3 guns a rifle and a shotgun in it alongside extra mags. The screws that are given fit nicely. 

You have to utilize the no. 4 bit. It is bundled all around ok and the keys work well. I do prescribe giving a little squirt of WD-40 or Break Free into the keyhole and with time it gets smoother. This safe is wonderful in light of the fact that it doesn’t take up significant floor space and your weapons are secure from the minor ones and thugs.

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