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Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

If you keep your guns at home, a safe is most important for keeping valuables and dangerous possessions out of reach of people that shouldn’t have them, whether they are burglars or irresponsible family members. But, you don’t want to lock them up so tight that your weapon isn’t available in a home defense situation.
Today we’re looking at a compact safe for handgun storage, the Gunvault GV2000. Gunvault is a popular brand of compact safes to keep your handgun safely secured away from kids and visitors, yet close by and quickly accessible when you need it.


gun - Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe

Gunvault GV2000 – The Bottom Line
The Gunvault GV2000 is large enough to comfortably hold two guns, which is good if you carry one during the day and want to keep another home defense pistol for other members of the family.

And, the electronic keypad and spring assisted opening on the version we reviewed was quick to get into in all conditions, every time (about 1 second, will depend on the length of your combination). That’s something that biometric safes are getting better at, but not all hit the mark.
While few safes of this size designed for quick access are going to withstand dedicated sabotage by a criminal with time on their hands, the GV2000 has many features that make it tough to get into for the average child or teen.

Gunvault Multivault GV2000 Installation and Setup
The safe comes with a template to assist in attaching it to your installation surface. That way, it’s just a matter of marking the holes for the lag bolts using the template, drilling, and putting them in place to get everything lined up.

As an alternative, you can also attach the safe with a heavy security cable. But, I prefer bolting it down because the safe is less maneuverable and harder for a burglar to dislodge it.
Just make sure you check the dimensions of the safe before you buy to make sure that it has enough clearance to fit where you want it (e.g. under your bed).
After you get the safe in place and put the (8) AA batteries in, you can program your new code using a button on the inside of the safe. The minimum length is 3 entries and the maximum is 6. And, each entry can be a single button or a combination of multiple buttons. It was quick and easy, with absolutely no issues.

Additional Information.
You can set up each combination entry to be either a single finger or multiple finger presses to make it even more difficult to guess. When opening the safe, each key press will give you an audible confirmation tone that is loud enough to easily hear next to the safe yet doesn’t announce your activity to the whole house.

As we said before, the Gunvault Multivault GV2000 is a nice safe with extra safety features to keep unauthorized users out. The construction is pretty solid for a safe its size at this price point.

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