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Barska Biometric Wall Safe


gun - Barska Biometric Wall Safe

Are you looking for a youngster immune, fire-proof, and burglar proof safe to fit your guns and valuables like jewelry and confidential papers?
Look no further. The Barska Biometric Wall Safe will fulfil all your safety requirements and protect your valuables. With outstanding craftsmanship and manufacturing, the Barska Biometric wall safe is perfect for your home.

It can be easily hidden behind furniture, wall pictures, or mirrors. With a door that makes it possible to sit flush against the wall, it is almost undetectable once installed. Moreover, made from high quality solid steel material, Barska safes are one of the hardest to break into. The
Barska wall safe comes with two removable shelves. It helps you organize valuable items such as expensive jewelries, guns, confidential papers, and other items that you don’t want anyone to have access to.

Fingerprint Technology

Enhancing the security feature is the biometric fingerprint reader. With revolutionary Biometric fingerprint technology, the system is capable of storing and recognizing up to 120 different users. Given the fact that only two or three users would need access to the secure at a time, it allows individuals to take multiple readings of their fingers and thumbs at different angles, thereby ensuring minimum reading mistakes.

To turn on the fingerprint reader of the safe, all you need to do is press the switch and position your finger. Within 5 seconds, the door of the safe will open. Proprietors of the safe can have easy access when they are in hurry simply by touching the scanner with his finger.

What makes Barska Biometric wall safe distinct from other products of the same league is its ability to recognize different users by their fingerprints. As a result of this, users who have access to the safe will be able to immediately access it in an emergency, whereas a burglar will never be able to access the secured contents.
This wall safe is powered by 4 AA batteries. In case the battries run out of power, the system retains the fingerprint reading data. All the user needs to do is change the batteries, and the safe will continue to function as before. This saves the proprietor from the hassle of reprograming the fingerprint reader memory every time the safe runs out of power.

What’s more? If by any chance the owner is not being able to access the safe or the fingerprint reader malfunctions, the safe has an emergency trick situation that comes to the rescue. With an emergency key override, the owner can gain prompt gain access even without entering the required combination in case of an electronic breakdown.

The safe has enough space to hold pistols, jewelry, valuables, and other confidential documents. Moreover, it is light in weight which makes it a favorite for home use.

Barska Biometric wall safe features in the list of top 10 wall safes for home use. If you are looking at the cons, there aren’t any that we could find. It fits the security needs of any household and is recommended if you are looking for a world-class personal wall safe.


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