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American Furniture Classics 724-10 10 Gun Cabinet


gun - American Furniture Classics 724-10 10 Gun Cabinet

The American Furniture Classics 724-10 10 Gun Cabinet is an excellent cabinet for an affordable price. The cabinet is crafted by the popular brand American Furniture Classics. The cabinet serves as an inexpensive solution for a gun safe that doubles as a very attractive display case for your larger firearms. Crafted from mostly wood with a thick tempered glass, the cabinet is a secure and dependable place to store guns.

Easy To Assemble

This Gun Cabinet requires some assembly. It is generally simple to put together requiring only a screw driver to put it together. The holes are pre-drilled into the cabinet to ensure proper installation.

The assembly process is simple enough to be handled by a single person. After assembly, the end product is sturdy and functions as it is intended without needing to do any extra work to ensure it is safe.

Extra Storage

The cabinet contains a small shelf creating a storage area below to store ammo or other goods you want to keep within the cabinet. The top of the storage area is layered with felt in order to prevent any damage to the firearms.

A felt barrel rest keeps the gun barrels from being scratched or damaged while sitting in the gun cabinet. There is plenty of space to ensure the firearms remain standing upright and kept in place.

This cabinet is definitely an inexpensive solution to the typical Gun Cabinet. The wood is extremely sturdy making it great for keeping the guns inside protected from outside sources. The tempered glass is thick providing an extra element of security for the weaponry while giving a window to view the contents of the cabinet. The key locking mechanism functions as intended keeping the door sealed and the guns kept away from children or others you do not want touching your weapons.

The sturdy door is a bit heavy, making anchoring it to the wall a must if you wish to put the cabinet on a carpet floor as it can tip over. Anchoring the cabinet itself is not a bad idea so this will not be a big issue for most people.

Over-all the American Furniture Classics 724-10 10 Gun Cabinet is an incredible gun cabinet for an affordable price. It is built to be incredibly rugged and looks great presenting itself as a high value Gun Cabinet. The cabinet is an excellent place to put your firearms on display while keeping them locked away. It is a great investment for your gun storage needs.


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