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What Is The Best Gun Safe For You?

There are countless variations of gun safes to choose from, and each of them will provide a different price range as well as a few different features that make them unique. If you need a place to safely store, your weapons, look no further than the “gun safe” but make sure you buy the right type for your needs. Make sure you get the best gun safe for your needs. 

Recent statistics from most gun safe reviews, show that most citizens are stocking up on guns and ammunition. If you are a new gun keeper, the proper care, and storage of your firearm(s) should be your main concern. So which gun safe is the best gun safe for you? Here is an overview.




best gun safe - Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric Gun Safe

Are Biometric gun safes the best gun safe for you?   They are the most “state of the art” and technologically advanced gun safes in the market place today, and because of this, many people think that it is the best gun safe. “Biometric” refers to how the locking mechanism of the safe releases and allows access to the contents. Instead of using mechanical locks and keys, combination dials, or electronic key (pin) pads similar to using a debit card at the ATM, the biometric family of gun safes uses an electronic fingerprint scanner.


Benefits of the Biometric Gun Safe

Many people do own firearms, which need to be kept properly lest they fall into the hands of kids or someone else who is not supposed to have them. So it is important to lock them away in a protected but accessible way. However, using a normal sequence safe is not only less secure but also may require you to open the combinational lock, which may take some time to enter.

This is also detrimental in case you want to have quick access to the firearm in an emergency, like a burglar breaking into the house. In such a situation, you would have to enter the combinational code, which may prohibit you from being able to quickly get your gun, and that acts as a huge disadvantage.

The Biometric safe would serve you well in such a case. As per its name, this safe makes use of the biometrics of the authorized individuals to act as a key and will quickly open the safe. The most commonly available and widely used among these biometric gun safes is the fingerprint gun safe. Just like its name, the biometric fingerprint safe uses the fingerprint of the owner and other individuals as the valid “keys” and only opens for them.


Major Benefit

The major benefit of the fingerprint gun safe is that it will quickly open up, as soon as you put your finger in the place for the fingerprint check and does not require you to remember any combination code. Apart from this, if someone breaks into your home in your absence, the burglars will not be able to open the biometric safe, since the basic authentication method of your fingerprint will not be there for them. This is the main reason why so many gun enthusiasts feel like it is the best gun safe.

You can look at the large variety of biometric gun safes available in the market and select the one that best suits you. You can choose between either the sleek and trendy models suited to hold specific models of the guns, or select a safe that is big enough to store your other valuables and important documents along with the gun. Consider your budget and safe features and come to your best conclusion.

You may also want to consider the number of unique fingerprints it will consider valid, in case you want more people to be able to open the safe in your absence.  You should also look at the various user and gun safe reviews to buy the biometric gun safe that uses good technology and works well against the false positives and does not provide authentication failure for a correct user.




the best gun safe - 611 10 Gun-Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

Wood Gun Cabinet


Guns are very powerful objects due to their capacity to cause injury or even death to someone. Guns are highly dangerous so it is important to keep them away from anyone who might mis-use them. They must also be kept far away from children who have got no clue what these objects can do. Physically demonstrating your firearms to everyone is a very bad idea and can result in a lot of undesirable consequences. This is exactly why it is very important to use a wood gun cabinet to show off your selection of guns.


Are Wood Gun Cabinets the best gun safe for you? They have been in use for centuries and they are often beautiful pieces of art themselves with their fine stained wood and etched glass fronts. They were, of course, primarily needed for storage but in time they began to be used to also display firearms. This is because gun owners love to showcase their collections, and it is best done through a gun cabinet where they can display their collection for all to see.

But apart from the display role that these wood cabinets play, it should also be remembered that they are important storage facilities for guns. They should be “strong and secure” to ensure that unaware children or playful and boisterous pets are not able to disturb the arms. These arms storage furniture pieces are also used to display antique firearms. In this case, it is even more important for them to be secure to ensure the safety of this antique item as very often they can be very delicate.


Benefits of a Wood Gun Cabinet

The wood gun cabinet, as opposed to a steel cabinet, looks incredibly stylish as well as adds a “rustic” feel to the house. A steel cabinet sounds like an over-sized money safe and can make your room look quite ugly. A nice wood gun cabinet with unbreakable glass will let you show off your firearms without having to worry about safety.

Even though gun cabinets are conventionally made from wood such as oak, pine, cherry and other strong woods, they are also available in steel. While the wood cabinets have beautiful lacquer finishes with beveled glass displays, felt lined resting plates and wood veneers, steel cabinets are designed more for function rather than for their aesthetic appeal.

These cabinets are found in a wide variety of styles. Very often you will tend to find a crafted wooden gun case if you look online. These are the most common types. They are usually made of oak or pine. And they are often made by expert craftsmen who give it a unique feel and style. But you can find many other types and styles to suit your need, and you can even tailor the look and feel of the display case to match the interior design of the room it is being displayed in.

In most gun safe reviews, wood gun cabinets are said to look extremely sophisticated as well as fashionable, like a beautiful piece of furniture. But at the same time, they serve a practical purpose. Metal-framed cabinets or etched glass cabinets could be classier and more modern than getting wood gun cabinets.

However, gun cabinets created from wood will match the appearance of your guns. When considering life-span, wood can last for more years than metal, glass, or even plastic. Metal rusts when exposed to the harsh weather. Glass breaks and is excruciatingly pricey to change. Plastic is just not proper for a gun cabinet. The single enemy that you might encounter in wood is termites, however it is easy to get rid of them with the use of an anti-termite solution.

You can find an excellent wood gun cabinet that will fit even your biggest hunting guns. If you feel that your selection of firearms will increase, it is better to get a cabinet that has more space to store more guns.



best gun safe - First Alert 2092DF Waterproof 1-Hour Fire Safe

Fire Resistant Safes

Are Fire Resistant Safes the best gun safe for you? They are made from metallic alloys and are given a special treatment enabling them to resist fire and thus keep their contents safe. For this reason, some feel like this is the best gun safe. They are very sturdy, and they prove useful at offices or homes. You can get them in a wide range of sizes. Some may be as large as a bank vault, but others could be so small to be easily installed within a closet, and removed from there whenever required.

A fire resistant item refers to its capacity to bear heat up to predefined temperature before it starts breaking down. But a fireproof item will remain unaffected even by raging fires. However, the interiors of safes, in either case, may get heated to the extent of damaging the documents or valuables contained in them.


Benefits of Fire Resistant Safes


Fire resistant safes conforming to Class A are most suited for storing items that are likely to get damaged on getting exposed to intense heat. Such safes are recommended for the convenient storage of items like personal jewelry and handguns. The safes falling in Class B can offer sufficient protection to metallic objects, like coins.

Such safes can withstand exposure to heat for periods ranging from 1 to 2 hours. Most fireproof safes can keep their internal temperature well below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, even when the external temperature is around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond their capacity to withstand temperature, the safes start to slowly deteriorate, losing their fire-resistant properties.

Even at this stage, the contents of the safe will not be exposed to temperatures higher than 160 or 170 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, gun owners who have collectible and very expensive antique guns tend to feel that this is the best gun safe.

Apart from mild smoke damage, the contents of most good quality fire resistant safes have been recovered intact after fire accidents. According to some gun safe reviews, one precaution to be taken while putting valuable objects or documents inside such a safe is to “place them inside plastic bags”  before placing them inside. This is because most fire resistant safes are not waterproof, and in the event of being hosed down during a fire accident, their contents could get wet.

You can also get fire resistant safes suitable for installation at any location. For domestic use, you can procure a small safe that can be dug into any wall, or installed within a closet or under the bed. These kinds of safes are good for taking care of normally important household papers, like cash or deeds, with the added facility of being shifted to another place in case of an emergency at their present location.

For the storage of bigger items, one an use floor models, but they are not so convenient to shift. You can also get large-sized fire resistant safes, designed for storing bigger items, but generally, these are very expensive.

People use the safety vault only because they believe that it will safeguard their valuable belongings regardless of what happens to the vault. The vault should have a very good locking mechanism that should be able to fool a burglar.

There are many locking mechanisms used for protecting the contents. This could include combination locks or even more advanced electronic locks. These locks should work based on a pass-code which is a  number that only the rightful owner would know and use to access the contents within the safes.

With the technological advancements dictating our present day lives, there are many additions made to the safes as well. These include the additional features of biometric access and access card facilities for its owners. Keep in mind that the swipe card system also needs the use of password for granting access.



 - winchester 51 gun capacity - best gun safe

Winchester Gun Safes

Are Winchester Gun Safes the best gun safe for you? They are definitely known for their size. These are the “Big Boys” of gun safes. Anyone who is looking for a lot of storage space, with extensive fire resistance will be happy with these. Those who are interested in size feel like this is the best gun safe. From an historical standpoint, these safes were being utilized from the time of Civil War.

This product was recognized when Smith and Wesson connected with it during that period. At that time, there were many brands of gun safes being produced and coming in the marketplace, but the largely desired one was the Winchester gun safes. Those that are heavily into nostalgia tend to think that this is the best gun safe.
Benefits of Winchester Gun Safes

There’s a specific series in Winchester, which manufactures perfectly made handgun safes and large rifle safes for personal use. These series are extremely popular. One model contains four buttons at the top which simply has a no-look entry. These locks have a great feature of changing the combinations so that it becomes much safer and nobody gets to guess the combination. It has three types of models available.

The fully blown elongated gun safes are also a product line which is manufactured by this company. Steel boxes are created just for the uttermost protection. There are three different types of series present namely Legacy, Tradition and Legend series, and all of them have a “different level” of fire protection.

The Legacy line has a feature whereit can resist 1200 degree temperatures for almost an hour. And it weighs around 1000 lbs which can hold up to 51 guns and it is also secured and sealed by mega secure steel bolts all around the surface.

Legacy might be the best product of Winchester, which holds the flagship, but all the other products provide almost an equal total of its value depending on one’s requirement. If you want to have a “gigantic tank” as a safe which should not be that expensive, then you should take into account the series which might suit you with all these purposes, namely the Tradition series. It might not be as good as the earlier series but it can hold up to 50 rifles, and it is also the top mark in security level.

These particular safes are heavy and cannot be moved around by thieves. Each of them weighs between 300 and 1,000 pounds and it is impossible to lift or fool around with the safe without raising a racket.

These safes also come equipped with bolt holes, which allow you to securely fasten the safe to the floor and make it 100% immovable. This inability to be easily moved makes some gun owners think that this is the best gun safe.

The adjusting shelves in these safes can be organized in any way. This allows you to change the layout of the safe and tailor it per your needs. The interior door storage system makes for additional storage, and each safe features very elegant beveled edges.

Full-sized Winchester gun safes are equipped with a lifetime warranty, which is limited, and which begins on the day of your purchase. This warranty protects you against manufacturing defects, workmanship deficiencies, and damage from fire or burglar attacks.

For extra security purposes, there is steel covered within the walls of the gun safe. Gauge is used to measure the thickness of plate as nine gauge plates are more solid than the 11 gauge plate. Also, you find different types of safe locks such as combination locks, electronics locks that are also known as digital locks.

Electronics locks are more secure than the combination locks and are the little bit easier to open if you know the proper code, but electronic locks are a little bit more expensive than the combination locks.


best gun safe - Stack-On ss-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe with Electronic Lock


Stack-On Gun Safe

One of the essential appliances a gun collector should have is a gun cabinet or gun safe. Owning a vast number of weapons requires proper organization. Safety units or cabinets for guns provide not only the proper organization but also security and safety to your precious collection. This is something that is consistently stated in most gun safe reviews.

These safes keep the guns protected from theft and disasters. Additionally, they prevent accidents and misuse. One of the highly recommended safety units today is the Stack-On Gun Safe. Maybe this is the best gun safe for you? This product line came from a company that manufactures tool storage systems. However, why should you choose this brand over other brands? Why do so many people feel like this is the best gun safe?

When you buy a gun, you need to purchase a storage safe for the weapon. In some states, they even have laws saying that you need a one in every home that buys a gun. One of the primary reasons for this law is that the safe will protect your weapon from accidental misuse by absolutely anyone. In the end, it can save a life. That is how important this product is, and one of the best brands you can purchase is Stack-On gun safes.

The Stack on Gun Safes with a combo locking system comes with either a nineteen or twenty-three gun storage limit, and the gun capacity is the only difference between the two. It has three steel dead bolts, and five live-action ones, giving it a total of eight different locks. This makes it virtually impenetrable.

The door is built of steel and is extremely hard to pry open, which many criminals naturally try. It “hides the safety hinges“, and it comes with a key free three-digit combination that is also impossible to be drilled through. Remember, a combination code is inferior to a fingerprint sensor, which is the absolute most secure, but likewise the most expensive. The combination code they use is good enough to do the job in most instances.


Benefits of Stack-On Gun Safe

The interior is completely covered with foam and carpet to protect your guns and other belongings, and it’s extremely easy to install on the floor. If you do purchase any of these models, one thing I would highly advocate is that you install them in a large bedroom closet and face them down horizontally. You then just attach them to the floor and make sure the side with the hinges is facing the outside of the closet. This way, it is extremely resistant to any robbers trying to break into it.

Overall, regardless of which safe you get, the company is known for their high quality and solid build. You do not have to worry about everybody hacking their way through there. I would highly recommend a Stack on Gun Safe for your needs. They will very easily guard your weapons and ammunition against theft and natural disasters, like fire or flooding.

However, they are also an important safety precaution against accidental misuse by a family member in the home. It naturally helps prevent a child or a family friend from getting hold of your weapon and inadvertently mishandling it and injuring themselves or someone else.

High Level of Theft Protection

As most gun safe reviews state, Stack-On units are designed to be theft-proof. These appliances have a great theft barrier, and their walls are durable enough to protect their contents. Depending on the model of safes you choose, the box can provide order as it allows storage of ammunition, rifles, handguns and shotguns. These boxes cannot be easily opened up by mere usage of locksmith tools. For added protection, you may bolt the box the floor.

Resistant to Fire

These units are developed and incorporated with fire resistant technology. Most of these safes can tolerate extreme heat more than an hour without risking the quality of the ammunitions and guns inside the boxes. These safes are made of metal finished with silver coating. With some units, their bodies are built with fireproof material and unique chemicals with added resistant.

Sold at a Reasonable Price

Typically, extra large safes can cost thousands of dollars. The Stack-On safes balance out the price and quality, conclusively, and in the eyes of many people, it is one the best gun safes for the money. They do not compromise the nature of the product, and they offer a more reasonable price range. The price may go a little higher depending on the model you choose. Bear in mind to always go for safes with fire protection and organizational features.








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